GENERAL: Please contact us directly for directions & to set up an appointment. We are approx. 30 minutes N of Vancouver, WA. Our puppies are typically sold on spay/neuter contracts only. At the time you contact us we will assume & quote the prices of the spay/neuter contract ONLY, if you are interested in showing/breeding please indicate your intentions so we can discuss options. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to get ON our waiting list (form link above) . The pup choosing order is determined by the date we receive your deposit/form. When you choose your pup a 2nd non-refundable deposit of $100 (for a total of $200) is required. The pup is then put on "HOLD" for you. The balance, of the purchase price, is due at the time you pickup the pup. When a "HOLD" is put on a specific pup it gurantees that THAT pup will be taken off the market. Once everyone on the wait list has chosen, remaining pups can be put on HOLD, a $200 "HOLD" fee will be required. Checks are not accepted for the final amount but are ok for deposits. The pups photo will stay on the web page but it will be noted that it is "On Hold" until final payment is made, at final payment the web page will be update with a notice that it is Sold. If you decide you want a different puppy after putting a hold on one you may change it to one that is still available by verbally contacting me. Pup litters are different prices (plus tax) depending on the parents lines, please call for exact prices but expect about $1400. We REQUIRE a spay/neuter report & PROOF of attending at least 1 training class, if the fixing report is not sent to us, our contract has a large monetary non-compliance fine. Pups must be picked up by 8 weeks of age or an additional boarding fee of $100 per week, or $15. per day will be added. If they have not been picked up by their ready date, nor arrangements made for picking them up, they will be put back on the market & any deposits will go to pay for the added expense of re-advertising the puppy. Typically we do not refund money, but we do review the situation case by case. If WE cannot get you a puppy of the sex your wanted you get a Choice of: Refund, Opposite sex, or Credit. A Credit voucher will only be honored for 1 year, unless other written arrangements were/are made or past 1 year only for the same female to have her next litter.

     PICKING: At about 5 weeks we go in order of the wait list and each owner comes in to pick their pup. Sometimes this can change if a Breeder wants the pups evaluated at 8 weeks by a professional. The person wanting to have the litter evaluated will pay for the evaluation - we typically use Pat Hastings. Please notify us at the time you make your first deposit that you want the pups professionally evaluated so we can notify all parties they will not be able to pick out their pup until after the evaluations at 8 weeks. Copies of the evaluations belong to the paying party, if another owner would like a copy they need to pay a per pup fee (evaluation fee divided by # of pups). I will then contact everyone on the waiting list in order & set up appointments. If I have to leave a message, I will wait 24 - 48 hours for a reply before continuing on to the next person. Appointments are setup starting at 1pm until to 6pm please let me know ahead of time if you will be on vacation, we can then have you come in beforehand & choose in order of preference, so if you are 3rd on the list you choose 3 pups in preference order & are guranteed one of those pups. Once the others ahead of you pick theirs you will get the first one available from your list. We welcome all inquiries & are willing to assist you in any way that we can.
       CARE KIT: To ensure a good start, each pup goes home with a Puppy Care Kit, 3 days of food, guide book, & basic info. A new collar, leash, & a CD that includes copies of photos, all medical clearances (heart, hips, elbows, and eyes), pedigrees, & AKC registrations, that I have on the parents & Grandparents etc. Each puppy also receives a special birth certificate with a picture of your puppies litter, date of birth & names of the parents.

      ADDITIONAL FEE ITEMS - MICRO-CHIPPING & FULL CARE KITS: Micro-chipping is offer to new owners for a minimal fee of $25.00 which is usually about 1/3 the price normally charged. Micro-Chipping is a small transmitter that in no way effects the animal but could save their life if they get lost. We highly recomend this be done either by us or your local vet. Please let us know if you are intersted or want more information. We now have full care kits, with everything you need, the info prices are on the wait list form.
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